[Melbourne-pm] [JOB] HTML::Mason/perl/OOP/mod_perl/SQL programmer for Monash University

Nathan Bailey Nathan.Bailey at its.monash.edu
Fri Aug 27 05:39:00 CDT 2004

Alfie John <alfiejohn at acm.org> wrote:
>Because I lack the commercial experience in programming, I am willing to
>go ABSOLUTE MINIMUM pay to get a perl programming position!

1) It's generally a bad idea to play open-handed mizare before you
   evaluate your options :-)
2) You might want to give a sense of your current level of experience,
   i.e. no commercial programming, but what have you done in your own

I have developed a (somewhat Monash-specific) perl career progression
at: http://polynate.net/work/perl_career.html


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