WYSIWYG Web-based HTML Editor

Martin at cleaver.org Martin at cleaver.org
Thu Sep 11 19:43:30 CDT 2003

You might also like to take a look at Htmlarea - its being integrated with
some Wiki's such as TWiki -

BTW. My apologies to Scott - I never did manage to get and confirm a time to
present TWiki to you all.


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=On Thursday, Sep 11, 2003, at 18:20 Australia/Melbourne, Rick Measham
=> At the pub last night I mentioned that I'd written an HTML editor a
=> few years back and that it was on my Mac somewhere. Well I found it.
=> I've dusted it off and put a description around it.
=> As I mentioned, there's one problem with it: It only works for users
=> of IE on Windows. I can't promise what will happen on anything else.
=> On MacIE it looks right, but doesn't work!
=> It might work with the new Mozillas but I doubt it. I'll have a look
=> sometime to see if it could be ported fairly easily to Mozilla.
=> http://www.printaform.com.au/WYSIWYG/
=Tried it on Mac Safari - looks ok, buttons work and pop down etc.
=But text box is empty.
=Thanks for putting it up :-)
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