WYSIWYG Web-based HTML Editor

Rick Measham rickm at printaform.com.au
Thu Sep 11 19:30:45 CDT 2003

I said:
>  It might work with the new Mozillas but I doubt it. I'll have a look
>  sometime to see if it could be ported fairly easily to Mozilla.

At 9:52 AM +1000 12/9/03, Jobst Schmalenbach replied:
>it should be fairly easy ... i havent got the time in the moment
>(huge project going) but if you replace
>   var eb = document.all.wysiwygtoolbar
>with its DOM alternative
>   var eb = document.getElementById('wysiwygtoolbar')
>it should work.

Unfortunately it's not that simple. There's an extra file that gets 
called (editarea.htm) and its in there that most of the 'magic' 
occurs. I imagine we could create several of these editarea files for 
the various browsers that could have WYSIWYG capabilities.

I'll take a look at Mozilla's rich text capabilities. I just 
downloaded and installed it on my Mac.

Cheers and Thanks!

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