Perl career progression (Was: Perl work at Monash)

Andrew Savige ajsavige at
Wed Sep 10 01:06:04 CDT 2003

Timothy S. Nelson wrote:
>>> Damian once said "Never use XML if you own both ends of the pipe."
>> Damien Moore?  Anyway, that's not a great argument, I think.
> 	Damien Conway.  What other Damien is there in a Perl context :).
> 	:)

Who's Damien Moore? says:
"damien moore is a 1st dan junior black belt in tae kwon do".
For Damian Conway, there are 70 entries; sorry, none for Damien Conway ;-).
I'm shocked! And in his home city too. Come on!
BTW, I think it's clearer and more modern to say "The Damian".

As for two'ers mis-spelling his name as Damien, ...
Unless deliberately mis-spelling his name is an in-joke on this list,
then I guess the joke's on me.

Curiously, you're not alone. Here is the Changes file from
Acme::Lingua::Strine::Perl written by Simon Wistow (of London, I think).
(For nearly two years, its description was "Make Perl more like Damien").

0.54  Fri Feb 07 10:30:16 2003
       - Damian's name has been spelt wrong all this time :(

0.52  Tue Oct 30 14:25:08 2001
       - whoops, no prerequisites

0.51  Sat Aug 04 13:45:10 2001
       - *cough* name changed to Strine on instructions from
          some irate Aussies

0.5   Fri Aug 03 11:53:08 2001
       - finally uploaded to CPAN

0.01  Tue Jul 24 03:41:48 2001
       - original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options
            -X Acme::Lingua::Strian::Perl

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