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Mon Sep 8 18:29:11 CDT 2003

On Mon, 08 Sep 2003, Nathan Bailey wrote:
> 1) Would be interested in general comments (i.e. from everyone) on the
> "Perl career progression" at:

Others have commented that this is very specific to your area, and that
is very true. You list a number of points and titles that have varying
significance in most of the industry.

You have a lot more faith in the ability of people to do software
architecture than my experience says is reasonable -- I wouldn't expect
someone to be doing decent architecture until the "Developer" level for
modules, and even then it's not a universal.

Architecture and design are *hard* problems, as evidenced by the
majority of modules in CPAN.

You expect more management for a "developer" than any company I have
worked for, but I think the fault is the title -- your expectations
there seem to match more closely a "senior developer" or "team leader"

You have a few technology specific requirements at the higher levels. It
would be quite possible to do everything else at the "senior developer"
level without ever having touched HTML::Mason, for example.

Likewise, you assume that XML and related technologies are used
everywhere, for every job, which is not true. Some places still use
other technologies as they remain more appropriate. :)


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