Perl career progression

Daniel Pittman daniel at
Mon Sep 8 22:35:44 CDT 2003

On Tue, 09 Sep 2003, Nathan Bailey wrote:
> Daniel Pittman <daniel at> wrote:
>>At a previous job, we wrote around 10,000 lines of Perl code that did
>>not have anything at all to do with SQL. Come to think of it, up to
>>the time I left, *none* of our Perl code had ever touched an SQL
> Intruiging -- presumably it had some form of datastore, though --
> what?


Machine Inventory, and it simply gathered information and spat it back
in an XML format to the central server, which was not in Perl.

The fact that it took 10,000 lines of code to do is a testament to the
wonderfully standard nature of Windows, mostly. :)


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