Perl career progression

Nathan Bailey Nathan.Bailey at
Mon Sep 8 21:28:23 CDT 2003

Daniel Pittman <daniel at> wrote:
>At a previous job, we wrote around 10,000 lines of Perl code that did
>not have anything at all to do with SQL. Come to think of it, up to the
>time I left, *none* of our Perl code had ever touched an SQL database...

Intruiging -- presumably it had some form of datastore, though -- what?
(It would be interesting to me to hear what substantial applications
have been written in perl in the Australian context -- can be vague,
but who has written something of more than 5,000 lines and what did it
do, at a very broad level?  e.g. billing system, etc.)

>I think that making the technologies and the skills independent is what
>you need to do. Knowing SQL well is not a sign of a good Perl
>programmer, and knowing Perl well does not make you a DBA or SQL
>performance expert.

*nod* true.  That whole column is perhaps too specific, maybe a dotted
line with "aligned technologies" that talks about things like SQL,
LDAP, etc. and hierarchies in them (but less relevant than core perl


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