Perl career progression (Was: Perl work at Monash)

Nathan Bailey Nathan.Bailey at
Mon Sep 8 19:42:09 CDT 2003

Okay, so the common theme appears to be "too narrow" which is good feedback,
except not specific enough to move forward/improve :-)

I do think SQL stands on its own, in the sense that you are unlikely to
write perl *applications* without some kind of database interaction,
regardless of the webness of it.  And the intention of the progression
is more towards perl *programming* than perl *scripting*, the later
which could equally well be done in a combination of sed, awk and grep,
for example (and would usually not involve writing a new perl module).

I suspect that paragraph will result in a lot of contention, but
presuming agreement for the sake of clarity in the current
discussion...  Would adding another column or two about other relevant
technologies frequently used in perl be sufficient?  Two good examples
from David were messaging (IMAP, NNTP, SNMP, Jabber, etc) and
directories (LDAP et al).  I don't think incorporating LDAP skill
(i.e.  schema management) is relevant since it's not a test of your
perl capability so much as with a specific environment (i.e. knowing
LDAP schemas is not likely to make you a better perl programmer, but
knowing SQL or XML may, especially if lots of applications use them)


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