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zeroconf might help some of the way, but i don't know how you would 
advertise methods.  I think it's really only suitable for service name 
and type. has a cross platform version of zeroconf.

Scott Penrose wrote:

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> Hey Dudes,
> Does anyone here have any experience with JINI.
> For those who don't, JINI is a network protocol that is designed, like 
> a java bean to be automatically discoverable, including capabilities 
> etc. The protocol and classes are used in things like a networked PIR 
> (Passive Infrared detector, or motion detector). The idea is that you 
> plug it into the network, it is automatically discoverable, you setup 
> an alarm program which can go off when triggered by an event (or loss 
> of signal). You may have a number of alarm devices around a network 
> and a number of PIRs and maybe 1 or more controlling points. The PIR 
> can trigger an event to each of the alarms and controlling program. 
> Pulling down one keeps it active etc.
> Anyway, the principle really is:
>     * Automatic discovery over TCP/IP
>     * Methods and Events discoverable
>     * Small and fairly simple (both in implementation and protocol)
> Unfortunately JINI is highly Java only. It actually sends byte code to 
> and from devices by treating it as a J2EE distributed system.
> For my own use, I have a simple protocol which does a UDP broadcast to 
> discover other devices. Devices return a type and capabilities, but 
> only specifically for my application (eg: I am a light; I have been on 
> for 37 minutes; you can send me off, on, swap, timed).
> The problem is that I want and need to write this code in Perl and 
> JINI won't allow that (wrappers are ok, but you have a lot of baggage 
> and it is hard to get good cooperation).
> So my question is: Is there any open, non platform specific, non 
> language specific, protocols out in the real world which attempt to 
> solve some or all of this problem. If so then I would prefer to write 
> my perl modules around that infrastructure than invent my own crappy 
> protocol.
> So... anyone here of anything like that ?
> Scott
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