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Hey Dudes,

Does anyone here have any experience with JINI.

For those who don't, JINI is a network protocol that is designed, like 
a java bean to be automatically discoverable, including capabilities 
etc. The protocol and classes are used in things like a networked PIR 
(Passive Infrared detector, or motion detector). The idea is that you 
plug it into the network, it is automatically discoverable, you setup 
an alarm program which can go off when triggered by an event (or loss 
of signal). You may have a number of alarm devices around a network and 
a number of PIRs and maybe 1 or more controlling points. The PIR can 
trigger an event to each of the alarms and controlling program. Pulling 
down one keeps it active etc.

Anyway, the principle really is:

	* Automatic discovery over TCP/IP
	* Methods and Events discoverable
	* Small and fairly simple (both in implementation and protocol)

Unfortunately JINI is highly Java only. It actually sends byte code to 
and from devices by treating it as a J2EE distributed system.

For my own use, I have a simple protocol which does a UDP broadcast to 
discover other devices. Devices return a type and capabilities, but 
only specifically for my application (eg: I am a light; I have been on 
for 37 minutes; you can send me off, on, swap, timed).

The problem is that I want and need to write this code in Perl and JINI 
won't allow that (wrappers are ok, but you have a lot of baggage and it 
is hard to get good cooperation).

So my question is: Is there any open, non platform specific, non 
language specific, protocols out in the real world which attempt to 
solve some or all of this problem. If so then I would prefer to write 
my perl modules around that infrastructure than invent my own crappy 

So... anyone here of anything like that ?

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