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Fri Oct 3 10:39:59 CDT 2003

On Tue, 30 Sep 2003, Scott Penrose wrote:

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> We have not had a chance to implement / review it yet - and I would be 
> VERY glad for anyone to take this on - but we were planning to 
> implement Spam Assassin and start logging archives of the list to our 
> site.
> This should not be hard. We have SSH access to the server and the 
> maintainer of the server is very cool about adding code etc.
> But I am uncertain to the actual way we must get this done, I don't 
> even know how it can be hooked in (maybe it is just a

	We run spamassassin at work.  I see they use Postfix -- we use 
courier-mta.  What mailing list software do they use.  

	Basically, at work, we pass all e-mails through SpamAssassin.  Each 
person's .spamassassin file lets them control at what level the spam is 
filtered (or would if we gave them access to the mail server :o) ).  Then if 
they want their spam filtered, we use a simple script which basically says

if(X-Spam-Status = /Yes/) {
	Filter to "Maildir/.Spam"

	Or something like that.  


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