Andrew Savige ajsavige at yahoo.com.au
Fri Nov 14 21:14:00 CST 2003

Scott Penrose wrote:-
> We are not quite ready (almost) to tell everyone and start getting the 
> other groups involved.
> It is definitely not our intention to hide this - we have only had our 
> meeting on Wednesday :-)
> Would you (or someone else) in Sydney be a good person to start talking 
> with about our plans ?

I think Sydney.pm leader Steven Steneker and me would both like to be
kept informed -- though it is early days and unclear how we can best
help you with organising this. Anyway, the spirit is willing. :-)

Just a couple of random thoughts:

1) Instead of YAPC::Australia was calling it YAPC::Oceania discussed?
   After all, it was YAPC::Europe in Paris, not YAPC::France.
   OTOH, we had YAPC::Israel and YAPC::Canada. I could ask a NZ Perl
   hacker friend (Jas Nagra) but apart from that I have no idea if
   the Kiwis would be interested.

2) A bit of trivia. The recent YAPC::Europe was organised by Paris.pm.
   The Paris.pm leader, grinder (aka David Landgren), is an Aussie:
   as is Darobin (Robin Berjon), another prominent Paris.pm'er.
   Not sure, but I think the main YAPC::Europe organiser was BooK.
   We may get some good and fresh advice from them. I've had a
   little bit of contact with all three in the past and have found
   them to very helpful and friendly.


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