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On Thursday, Nov 13, 2003, at 21:35 Australia/Melbourne, Paul Fenwick 

> G'day Scotty / Everyone,
> On Thu, Nov 13, 2003 at 02:24:16PM +1100, Scott Penrose wrote:
>>> 	One thing to remember is that PTA is a commercial entity,
>>> so there will be an expectation for 'return on investment', or
>>> at least to break even on real and opportunity costs.  That
>> Hmm... This is probably then of no interest to a YAPC event.
>> YAPC is not for profit so what it will be looking for is sponsorship
>> and free talks.
> I want to make a clarification here, because I know there's a
> possibility that my statement may have been taken the wrong way.  So,
> for the record, it's neither my expectation nor my desire that PTA
> profit from YAPC at YAPC's expense.  We don't expect to make *money*
> from courses/speaking/etc that we provide.  The primary benefits are
> exactly what Scott has identified -- publicity, reputation and good
> will.  :)

Great :-) Sorry if I misunderstood your last message.

> Both myself personally and PTA are quite excited by the prospect
> of a YAPC::AU, and are definitely eager to help.  I can certainly
> help in the immediate term by providing housing for mailing lists
> and archiving (if we want a separate YAPC::AU organisation list),
> and a wiki if people want a place to write comments/ideas/minutes/
> progress/etc.

Great - the excitement is definitely contagious :-)

> On that note, does anyone have any records/wikis/etc (however brief)
> of what I missed after I had to leave last night?  I know that dates
> and audiences were being discussed, were there any conclusions there?

I am putting it together this weekend. I was going to use the YAPC wiki 
but it doesn't seem appropriate.

Anyone want to point me to a a really simple to install / setup wiki so 
I can create one on our server please ? Needs to be perl, simple to 
install (I have no root access to the box) - preferably very few or no 
extra special perl modules etc.

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