Talks at PM Meetings

Andrew Savige ajsavige at
Tue Nov 11 06:22:38 CST 2003

rickmeasham at wrote:
> Andrew's post this morning made me think ... maybe 
> we should offer some tutorial type talks on Perl-based 
> fundamentals. I think this happened a couple of times 
> in 2003? 
> Maybe plan and advertise an evening on four topics 
> for 2004. One each quarter. Promote it heavily and 
> invite as many people as possible. 
> I can think of a few topics, but I'm sure there's more: 
> 1. Database design, development and the DBI 
> 2. Object Orientation 
> 3. Writing modules (incl. for CPAN) 

A talk on the new phalanx project might be interesting:
If I was in Melbourne, I would happily volunteer. :-)

You never know, it might even inspire Melb.PM to "adopt" a module
from the CPAN top 100 (as recently did).

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