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Mon Nov 10 18:33:12 CST 2003

G'day Mongers,

	Sorry about being quiet on the list recently.  I've
been getting married, on honeymoon, or dealing with an extremely
busy work calendar.

On Mon, Nov 10, 2003 at 10:40:02PM +1100, rickmeasham at wrote:
> Andrew's post this morning made me think ... maybe 
> we should offer some tutorial type talks on Perl-based 
> fundamentals. I think this happened a couple of times 
> in 2003? 

> I can think of a few topics, but I'm sure there's more: 
> 1. Database design, development and the DBI 
> 2. Object Orientation 
> 3. Writing modules (incl. for CPAN) 

I really like this idea as well, and as such I'd like to float an
idea with the group:

Perl Training Australia (PTA) is in the process of developing a number
of new courses in response to ongoing demand.  In particular, we're
trying to create materials to deal specifically with Security,
Database Interaction, and Efficient Programming Techniques as they
relate to Perl.

Part of our quality assurance proceedures involves testing new
materials on real people, to gain useful feedback and insight.
Melb.PM would be an excellent audience, as you all have an
interest in Perl, and many members will be similar to that of our
target audience.

I'd like to propose that on a regular basis (every month or two) a
trainer from Perl Training Australia will present a chapter or two from
one of the courses we're developing.  We'll bring printed course
materials which attendees can keep.  In return, PTA would ask
participants to fill out an anonymous questionaire asking for feedback
and input.  This will only take a few minutes of time, and will assist
us in the course development process.

I'm happy for these to start in 2004, and I'd propose the first
session run on the 11th Feb.  Each presentation will be
about an hour in length, although this may vary depending upon
the content.

Feedback, comments, ideas and suggestions definitely appreciated.



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