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Wed Mar 19 20:22:14 CST 2003

On Thursday, Mar 20, 2003, at 11:34 Australia/Melbourne, Paul Fenwick 

> G'day Simon,
> On Thu, Mar 20, 2003 at 10:50:08AM +1100, Simon Taylor wrote:
>> What I desperately need now is pointers to good quality descriptions
>> of larger applications developed in perl.
> Ones I can immediately think of.
> MyInternet - Big portal, lots of cool stuff, all in Perl.  Talk to 
> Scott.

MI portal is written using
	* Languages: Perl and XSLT
	* Data Files: HTML, JavaScript (yes data as it is just sent to the 
	* Template Files: Template Toolkit

Current stats show me.

	Perl Modules (just files .pm)	= 533
	Lines of code in Perl Modules	= 110,493

Of standard data files (XML and Template Toolkits including MetaData)

	Total number					= 670
	Lines in these files			= 21,430

XSLT there is

	This is hard to count, lots of building of data based on inheritance 
		About 2671 lines per style and per output type
		(eg: for style DEFAULT output type HTML there is 2671)

At our peak we had 10,000 schools (domain / web severs) and over 1 
million users using this code (not sure of the current figures, higher, 
lower, not sure?).

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