perl used in large developments - I need help

Bradley Dean bjdean at
Wed Mar 19 18:54:42 CST 2003

On Thu, Mar 20, 2003 at 11:34:02AM +1100, Fenwick, Paul wrote:
> MelbUni    - Traffic account system, all written in Perl.
>            - Student Information System (SIS), all in Perl (chat to Jacinta)
>            - DNS and IP allocation system, all in Perl (chat to Jacinta)

Ah yes good point (should really have looked at the stuff my group was
doing really... :)

On top of unimelb SIS and IP allocation system, could add:
  - WebRaft (Online teaching and learning system, all in house modules
    written in perl with a few third party application extensions)

    WebRaft currently supports soemthing in the order of 1900+ active
    subjects, 32,000+ students and 1800+ staff on a single installation (a
    figure we've not seen generally matched by commerical teaching and
    learning systems anywhere unless hundreds of thousands of dollars of
    underlying hardware are involved. (So it's a high-reliability, perl
    development with the additional bonus of being low cost as well. :)

    We have a stat's page here:


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