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Thu Jan 30 23:37:09 CST 2003

JP Howard wrote:
> On Fri, 31 Jan 2003 12:03:04 +1100, "Stas Bekman" <stas at> said:
>>I've moved to Melbourne recently and will be staying for awhile, and
>>though I've missed your NY get together, I'd love to come to the next mongers
>>That's said, I can give some mod_perl (1|2).0 presentation(s) if there is
>>an interest.
> Stas, welcome to Melbourne, and congrats on all your great work for the
> mod_perl community!

Thanks for the kind words, Jeremy ;)

> I personally would love to find out all about mod_perl 2.0, and what us
> old-fashioned v1 users have to know when it comes to porting to the new
> version...

There is a whole lot of new cool things to play with, and with 2.0 we take one 
more step closer to the world domination ;) Also we could certainly use help 
to test 2.0 on the real world apps. We are getting there...

> I'd also love to have a chance to buy you a drink to say thanks! Shoot me
> an email if you ever find yourself with nothing to do in an evening and
> I'll show you around.

If folks want to hang out before the next official meeting that would be 
totally cool as I don't know anybody in here ;) Though I already like this 
city very much! I'm staying at the Southbank and spend most of the time in the 
IBM Centre building, coding away, so if you in the area let me know.

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