David Dick david_dick at
Thu Jan 30 20:03:59 CST 2003

Talk about whatever you find the most interesting.... :)
Failing that, speaking for myself, I'd be interested in what I would 
need to do to convert my mod_perl scripts to mod_perl 2 and what the 
advantages and disadvantages are.

Stas Bekman wrote:

>>>> That's said, I can give some mod_perl (1|2).0 presentation(s) if 
>>>> there is
>>>> an interest.
>>> Absolutely!  I think a mod_perl talk would be fantastic, and as
>>> I'm certain it's my turn to arrange speakers for the month of
>>> February, I hereby pronounce you a speaker for the next meeting. :)
>> The Feb meeting was already organised last year and I will post out 
>> details of that soon. So if March is free that would be a great talk
> Please be more specific about what do you want to hear. I've material 
> that will suffice for several full days tutorials.
> Perhaps I can suggest that talking about the new features of mod_perl 
> 2.0 would be the most interesting. 1.5-2 hours would be a good 
> timeframe if you want to see examples and demos and have time to ask 
> questions.
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