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Scott Penrose scottp at
Tue Jan 7 18:53:10 CST 2003

> i would still like to have a go at scott's Hostname::Long thing, so my
> proposal is:
> 1800hrs turn up @ Nerdlab
> 1800-2000hrs work on Hostname::Long on various platforms*
> 2000-2130hrs eat @ some place in chinatown
> 2130-2200hrs head down to the nova in carlton
> 2200-????hrs see spirited away

Definitely has my vote :-)

> we could do Hostname::Long on the following platforms for sure:
> OS		Hardware
> --		--------
> IRIX		SGI Indy
> Solaris		Sun Ultra 5
> HP-UX		HP9000 D-Class
> and with a bit of effort (and people who know what they are doing?) we
> may also be able to do these:
> OpenVMS		DEC VAX 3100	(needs OS install from cdrom)
> AIX		IBM RS6000 F50	(move from myi to lab, get on network)
> FreeBSD		intel box	(needs OS install from cdrom)

I also have my Mac OS X and it is already tested under Linux - so we 
are close to a full house.
Anyone got a Windows box running Perl ?

> Scott, can you describe what exactly needs to be done to get
> Hostname::Long working of the different platforms? Can you give us some
> code examples to prime us? :)

Hostname::Long (one day I hope to have this integrated back into 
Hostname and just be part of perl core, but for now it has a separate 
name) is a module to get the fully qualified domain of the host you are 

Just like Hostname which goes through a number of methods to find out 
the current hostname of your machine, Hostname::Long does similar 
methods to get the full hostname of your machine.

There is no standard for getting FQDN which is the reason for walking 
through so many methods.

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