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Gustaf Bjorksten gustaf at
Tue Jan 7 18:42:35 CST 2003

On Wed, 8 Jan 2003, Jens Porup wrote:

> > Quite a good idea.  Although we may have mongers who want to head
> > straight to the movie, in which case a time/location/movie announcement
> > beforehand would probably be useful.
> Yes, could we decide soon? For instance, my wife has no professional
> interest in Perl, but would like to join us after for the movie....
> Also, what about food? Should we plan on eating before Nerdlabs, or
> are we going to eat out/get takeaway?
i would still like to have a go at scott's Hostname::Long thing, so my
proposal is:

1800hrs turn up @ Nerdlab
1800-2000hrs work on Hostname::Long on various platforms*
2000-2130hrs eat @ some place in chinatown
2130-2200hrs head down to the nova in carlton
2200-????hrs see spirited away

we could do Hostname::Long on the following platforms for sure:

OS		Hardware
--		--------
Solaris		Sun Ultra 5
HP-UX		HP9000 D-Class

and with a bit of effort (and people who know what they are doing?) we
may also be able to do these:

OpenVMS		DEC VAX 3100	(needs OS install from cdrom)
AIX		IBM RS6000 F50	(move from myi to lab, get on network)
FreeBSD		intel box	(needs OS install from cdrom)

there are lots of other platforms @ Nerdlab, but we do not have enough
time (or powerpoints) to get them going at this time.

Scott, can you describe what exactly needs to be done to get
Hostname::Long working of the different platforms? Can you give us some
code examples to prime us? :)

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