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Thanks Paul...
I have some extras for ya :-) read on...

On Tuesday, Aug 12, 2003, at 13:55 Australia/Melbourne, Paul Fenwick 

> G'day Everyone,
> Just a brief reminder that this month's Perl Mongers meeting is
> tomorrow, 13th August.  As usual, the date and time are:
> 	6:30 pm
> 	Wednesday 13th August 2003
> 	myinternet, Level 8
> 	14 Blackwood St
> 	North Melbourne
> I'll be presenting a talk on my new module, Payroll::AU::PAYG,
> which can be used to calculate tax withheld for yourself and
> your employees with a minimum of fuss.
> I'm also going to be a very lonely speaker, as I don't know
> of anyone else who's going to be presenting this week.  As such,
> I may also cover a second talk (such as the ever popular "use strict"
> from February 2002), or all head down to the pub early.

* Fun Movies from OSCON 2003
* Attribute::Deprecated2 - Why use Attributes, what the hell are they 
and what is Deprecated and why write a second version then, damn it...

See you all tomorrow

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