Interesting. Perl Meetup

Tony Smith ts at
Thu Sep 5 23:42:44 CDT 2002

>What I find interesting is to see that there is already three 
>locations  chosen in Perl Meetup which means people must be joining.

I've been to both the first two Melbourne Slashdot Meetups. There are 
more signed up for Slashdot in Melbourne than they are claiming for 
Perl in the whole world, which is sad and I suspect not an entirely 
accurate reflection of the respective target audiences.

It also appears that the Meetup crew are slow learners, especially 
when it comes to anything outside the US. They have still listed 
Bliss as one of the three choices for Perl a couple of months after 
the Slashdot crew discovered that Bliss doesn't open its doors till 
8:30 ... not much use for a strangely American 7:00 pm start.

>If nothing else we should attend to tell everyone about Perl Mongers :-)

And maybe more than "everybody", seeing as this sample of one who 
would like to have stayed more involved with Perl Mongers somehow 
managed to gain the impression that MelbournePM had disappeared for 
the last year of so.

>Anyone want to come ?

I'm game for almost anything. Sometimes the less the better.

Tony Smith

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