CSS manipulation

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Mon Oct 28 21:20:38 CST 2002

CSS in some browsers is not very well supported, especially the 
inheritance from multiple style sheets. There is also the consideration 
that a single file is faster to load.

However in development, I don't wish to manipulate too many of these, I 
want to edit my files along the lines of

	P {
		text-align: left;

But a CSS in one style can inherit from the default.

Default is something like this...

	TD {
		text-align: left;

	P {
		text-align: right;
		width: 80%;

What I would like is a program that can grab the files and do something 
clever along the lines of...

P,TD {text-align: left;}
P {width: 80%;}

It has grouped the common elements together.

Does anyone know of any modules out there that will do a good job of 
reading and parsing to a sensible structure a CSS file, so that we can 
do this inheritance and output a single highly optimised output file ?

Scott Penrose
Welcome to the Digital Dimension
scottp at dd.com.au

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