Paradigms for CGI application development?

David Dick david_dick at
Thu Nov 7 00:59:36 CST 2002

Daniel Walmsley wrote:

>I originally forwarded this to the wrong address. Apologies if these
>concerns have already been answered (regardless, this is something of a
>non-solution). Anyway, here we go...
>I'm going to get flamed for this, I'm sure ;)
*flame**flame*, etc..... happy? :) bloody hell i'm tired now.... :)

>I've been playing with ASP.NET and Visual Studio .NET a little bit (a couple
>of hours in total), and this is exactly the sort of thing they're heading
>for. You create an application interface by dragging and dropping components
>(calendar controls, buttons, images, data grids, etc) onto a form, and you
>attach properties/events to them. Then when you deploy, they get compiled as
>an .aspx page and a dll. The client is just a normal web browser (yep, I've
>tested it with mozilla, and *almost* everything works - fscking Microsoft),
>and the web server and .NET runtime handle session information and
>everything works just as it was designed. It really is almost exactly the
>same experience as writing a standard, client-side GUI application.
i would be very interested to hear how things go when you use it with a 
project for a client. Like you said, there probably will be limitations, 
but it would be interesting to hear about how successful it is. 
Personally, i'm backing vi.... go silver sovereign, go!!! :)

>The other cool thing is that you can write one app, and have to turned into
>WML, cHTML, HTML, or any number of other dialects on the fly, depending on
>what client was detected. It irons out the differences as best it can. This
>is a boon for non-geeks ;) 
hahahahahahaha. How does VS .NET allow the graphic designer to input 
their stuff? Do they need to use VS .NET? Integrate with DreamWeaver, etc?

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