Any melbourne-pm gathering in the next week?

Scott Penrose scottp at
Thu Jun 20 22:43:51 CDT 2002

>>> Would people prefer Monday Night (like at the Pub), Saturday
>> afternoon /
>>> night (myinternet House or at the pub) or just part of the LUV
>> meeting
>> or saturday afternoon/night at nerdlabs ;) There will be some
>> autonomousmobile agent stuff being discussed and programmed in perl..

Assuming people are around / available looks like we could head up to 
Nerdlab for Saturday Afternoon. I reckon 2pm should be a go.

Foo, would you like to update us on where, tell us if the time is ok etc.

Piers, if you are up for it, we could perhaps have dinner at the Pub on 
Monday night, for those who can't come Saturday afternoon. Would you be 
up for that?

Scott Penrose
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