Web Site Update and July Talks

Jeremy Howard jhoward at fastmail.fm
Thu Jun 13 22:12:18 CDT 2002

Nathan Bailey wrote:

>We use wvHTML to convert Word documents (and Spreadsheet::ParseExcel
>for Excel).  It works reasonably well if you just want to get at the
>document (i.e. not if you want to print it with all the formatting,
How do you convert Excel documents to HTML with Spreadsheet::ParseExcel? 
Scott showed an example that used DBD::Excel, which works well but only 
for named list data, not general formats. Have you looked at this:?


>Does fastmail inline attachments like this at all?  (Sorry, I didn't
>make it to your presentation Jeremy :-)
No, but it's been on our todo list for over 3 years now, and this 
discussion might just get me motivated to finally implement it!

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