Web Site Update and July Talks

Nathan Bailey Nathan.Bailey at its.monash.edu
Thu Jun 13 22:06:45 CDT 2002

Scott Penrose <scottp at dd.com.au> wrote:
>had a look and can't find any interfaces out there for word view. It 
>might be nice to write one up, can start fairly simple:
>Is this useful ?

We have handlers as part of MIME::Parser, that I had thought about
publishing.  It might be more useful to step a level higher than simply
wv, and have "Document to HTML", such that you throw a document at it,
it uses 'file'/magic to work out what kind of document it is (or
extensions, if people are so nice) and then calls the appropriate
sub-module to convert it (wv, ParseExcel, Powerpoint -- for which I
have found nothing, but would love to!)

Then MIME::Parser could use it, and programmers can access it
directly for other purposes (e.g. procmail scripts ;-)


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