Web Site Update and July Talks

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Thu Jun 13 20:53:48 CDT 2002

Hey Dudes,

The new web site has been updated. http://melbourne.pm.org/
It has almost all of the talks I have received up on it (excluding 
currently DB (can't get latex2html to work) and SelfGOL (lost my copy)).

Please enjoy and send me any changes, problems, issues, suggestions, 
talks etc :-)

BTW. I am going to start early thins month for talks next month. I have 
a volunteer already to do a talk on Excel files (you know who you 
are :-), so perhaps we could have a theme on Reading and Writing data 
files (data not presentation).

In particular I would like to see:

	- M$ Excel (directly and as a DB)
	- M$ Word
	- CSV, TSV (directly and as a DB)

and I am sure there are more. I was just thinking how we could take 
advantage of Wine::Application to do automatic conversions of documents 
we can't currently natively read. It may be slow, but then the API would 
exist for a future write of a native version :-)

Scott Penrose
Open source developer
scottp at dd.com.au

Dismaimer: Open sauce usually ends up never coming out (of the bottle).

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