Scott Penrose scottp at
Thu Jun 13 16:27:24 CDT 2002

We forgot to do our library swap at our meeting this month. I just 
thought I would remind you that we have it available and it has a number 
of books:

     * (1) Perl for Web Site Management - (c) 2002 O'Reilly and 
Associates, by John Callender
     * (2) Programming Perl - (c) 2000 O'Reilly and Associates, by Larry 
Wall, Tom Christiansen & Jon Orwant
     * (3) Learning Perl - (c) 2001 O'Reilly and Associates, by Randal L. 
Schwartz and Tom Phenix
     * (4) Perl CD Bookshelf

If you borrow(ed) a book can you please forward me a short review which 
I can put up on our site and forward to O'Reilly who contributed the 

Scott Penrose
VP in charge of Pancakes
scottp at

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