Single API for Email access

Jeremy Howard jhoward at
Wed Jun 12 20:25:07 CDT 2002

Scott Penrose wrote:

> <...>
> Does anyone have experience using these. If so, with which ones. There 
> is Mail::Box, but it does not seem to do IMAP and does not give  you a 
> list of folders etc. It is more about doing things like MH vs MBox etc.
> There is also Mail::Folder, but all the work involved around that is 
> for local mail folders, and only supports a dot lock on the local mail 
> folder.

The problem I see is that you're forcing yourself to support the lowest 
common denominator of functionality this way. POP3 only supports logging 
in, listing ids, and getting a message (or the 'TOP' of a message). IMAP 
supports a complex query language for searches, multiple folders in a 
tree, multiple namespaces, MIME parsing and getting specific MIME parts, 
instant message notification, pipelined operations, etc.

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