Single API for Email access

Scott Penrose scottp at
Wed Jun 12 20:17:45 CDT 2002

Hey dudes,

I hate writing my code to cope with more than one API.
Polymorphic APIs are great but they are limited by the intent of the API.
For example Net::POP3 and Jeremy's great code from last night 
Net::HTTPMail are fantastic example of a polymorphic api which works 

However in my case I would  like to be able to access:
	- POP3
	- HTTPMail
	- Local MH
	- Local MBox
	- Apple MAC OS X MBox in strange location
	- Custom internal MailDir format
	- etc

with the one API, a bit like using DBI.

Does anyone have experience using these. If so, with which ones. There 
is Mail::Box, but it does not seem to do IMAP and does not give  you a 
list of folders etc. It is more about doing things like MH vs MBox etc.

There is also Mail::Folder, but all the work involved around that is for 
local mail folders, and only supports a dot lock on the local mail 

Are there any others of note. If not then what has the current best 
interface to folders and messages (eg: one of the IMAP libraries). If I 
do work on something for release or internal I would prefer to at least 
choose a module that already does most of the work in one of the formats 
and use that as the basis of the API.

Scott Penrose
Anthropomorphic Personification Expert
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