Admin Committee

Scott Penrose scottp at
Wed Jul 10 21:15:15 CDT 2002

Hey Mongers,

As discussed in last nights meeting, we have decided to start up a 
fairly informal admin committee to do all of the non perl stuff.

As such we will have a separate email list and try and keep the admin 
side of things off the normal list. So for now I am looking for some 
volunteers. I have volunteered :-) Paul Fenwick and myself, but we would 
like a little more help.

I don't imagine it is a lot of work - maybe an hour on a busy month.

Duties could include:

	- Maintaining the Web Site
	- Organising speakers each month
	- Discussing ways to advocate the group
	- Organisation of money (if we ever get any, eg: for new books)

Scott Penrose
Welcome to the Digital Dimension
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