utf8 and regular expressions.

Brendan Quinn brendan at clueful.com.au
Thu Jan 31 00:05:07 CST 2002

> Yes, well thats good news anyway. BTW. How are you finding version 5.7?
> Scott

Can't really say, I just installed it when I was playing around with 
Apache 2.0 / modperl 2.0, and I haven't used it for much else.

Perl 6 sounds exciting, I'm looking forward to Damian's next exegesis so 
I can see all the cool things we can now do with bracketless 
expressions... however I'm a little concerned about the "right curly 
bracket on a line of its own has special meaning" thing that Larry 
mentioned in the latest Apocalypse. To me it sounds pretty confusing and 
counter to the Perl attitude of "write it (and lay it out) any way you 

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