md5 hashing

Andrew Gray agray at
Thu Jan 31 01:09:08 CST 2002

What I want to do, is remotely control some of the functions on a server. To
this end, I can do it using sockets and loading a client program and that
all works OK, but I think to be secure I need to encrypt the message I am
passing between the servers (call me paranoid, but I dont really trust
telstra's network that much ....)

>From how I understand it, MD5 encryption lets you hash a message with a
given key, and then using the same key, unencrypt the message at the other
end. Is this right? or is it a one way encryption like crypt()?

Having read the synopsis from I can see how to hash the message
given a key string, but nowhere can I see how to unencrypt at the other end
of the transmission.

OR are there any other two way encryption modules around that I could use


Andrew Gray
Systems Administrator, NetConnect Communications
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