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On Friday, January 11, 2002, at 05:50 , Andrew Gray wrote:

> could someone kind please tell me how to sort a hash table
> ie I have the following code fragment, sorry if it's not elegant, I'm 
> not a
> perl guru (yet!)
> and I want to sort by ip number so the file gets written ordered.
> open(LOG, "> deny.log") or die("Cant open deny.log for writing\n");
> foreach $ip (keys %denylog)

in theory you can just do

	foreach my $ip (sort keys %denylog) {

And that will sort your keys nicely, but it is alphabetically, not by IP 
number.	eg:

2 would come after 100. What you really probably need to do is turn it 
into a 32 bit integer (does anyone remember the method?)

You can think of arrays just like piping on the command line. %denylog 
returns pairs, key, value for each entry in the hash. keys returns the 
first of these (where as values returns just the values of each) then 
sort sorts those keys, you can add other things like grep and more.
Also you can pass a sub... eg:
	foreach my $ip (sort {Net2Int($a) <=> Net2Int($b)} keys %denylog) {

Of course you would have to have a sub Net2Int. $a is always the first 
and $b in a bubble sort being automatically run by sort.


> {
>         ($sec,$min,$hour,$mday,$mon,$year,$wday,$ydat,$isdst) =
> localtime($denylog{$ip});
>         $year+=1900;
>         $human_time=$year."/".$mon."/".$mday." ".$hour."\.".$min;
>         if ( ($time-$denylog{$ip}) < $expire_time )
>         {
>                 print LOG ($ip,":",$denylog{$ip},": ",$human_time,"\n");
>         } else {
>                 # print "$ip was removed from deny list as it is too 
> old\n";
>                 $deny_list{$ip}='';     # remove it from the %deny_list 
> as
> it has aged out of list
>         }
> }
> close(LOG);
> regards
> Andrew Gray
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