Andrew Gray agray at
Fri Jan 11 00:50:23 CST 2002

could someone kind please tell me how to sort a hash table
ie I have the following code fragment, sorry if it's not elegant, I'm not a
perl guru (yet!)
and I want to sort by ip number so the file gets written ordered.

open(LOG, "> deny.log") or die("Cant open deny.log for writing\n");
foreach $ip (keys %denylog)
        ($sec,$min,$hour,$mday,$mon,$year,$wday,$ydat,$isdst) =
        $human_time=$year."/".$mon."/".$mday." ".$hour."\.".$min;
        if ( ($time-$denylog{$ip}) < $expire_time )
                print LOG ($ip,":",$denylog{$ip},": ",$human_time,"\n");
        } else {
                # print "$ip was removed from deny list as it is too old\n";
                $deny_list{$ip}='';     # remove it from the %deny_list as
it has aged out of list


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