Jeremy Howard jh_lists at
Wed Jan 9 19:12:30 CST 2002

> > February 13th - Fastmail.FM (Jeremy Howard & Rob Mueller)

This is bad timing for us. Rob's going on holidays about this time. Put us
back to June/July--we'll have been running commercially for a few months by
then so will be able to talk more about how things actually went (rather
than just the theory!)
> You mean there are people out there not using strict :-)
> Only kidding. Damian would have lots to say about only using police if
> you are in New York, and needing only Mounties if in Canada :-)
Damian scares me--he never uses strict, and it doesn't seem to bother him at
all. I don't think I'd be able to produce working code without it, on the
other hand. I guess that's why Damian is a Damian and I'm not. ;-)

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