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On Wednesday, January 9, 2002, at 05:30 , Paul Fenwick wrote:

> G'day everyone,
> 	I haven't heard any objections to the 2nd Wednesday of
> each month at 6pm idea, so I presume that everyone's happy with
> it.  So, I'm going to start putting names with dates and see
> how people react.  :)

Yes you did. I objected ot the time. I am concerned that people will not 
be able to get there in time :-)

> 	Venue: MyInternet House, Blackwood St, North Melbourne
> 	Time:  6pm
> 	February 13th	- Fastmail.FM (Jeremy Howard & Rob Mueller)
> 	March    13th	- Extreme Perl (Damian Conway)
> 	April	 10th	- Perl Redispatch (Paul Fenwick)
> 	May	  8th	- Bovine Perl(?) (Rob Casey)
> Anyone who wants to insert/delete themselves from talks, please
> do so sooner rather than later, so that alternate speakers can
> be arranged.
> Scotty came up with the suggestion that we have 4-6 short talks
> (of say five minutes each) at each meeting, so people have the
> chance to talk about new modules or ideas or whatever.  I think it's
> a great idea.  So if you want to do a short talk on anything
> Perl related at all, just announce your intention to do so.

I am happy to fit in a few (since I suggested it :-)

		- IO:File (and others) NOT open(FILE)
		- File::* (Path, Basename...)
		- Time::HiRes
		- Net::* (SMTP, POP, and more)
		- Data::Dumper
		- Date::Parse
		- Sys::Hostname (and my Sys::Hostname::Long)

	More Advanced
		- XML::Parser
		- overload
		- VCS
		- Device::SerialPort (and my own Device::SerialPort2)

Just slot em in Paul.

As a talk (maybe June...) I can do a talk on Unicode in perl (in 
particular utf8)

> Damian has mentioned that his talk will take a good 2-3 hours,
> and he has a long drive afterwards, so I suggest we keep the
> short talks light (or non-existant) for March.

Non-existant that week I think.

> I'm happy to volunteer myself for a short humourous talk on
> using strict for the Feb meeting.  :)

You mean there are people out there not using strict :-)
Only kidding. Damian would have lots to say about only using police if 
you are in New York, and needing only Mounties if in Canada :-)

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