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andy at sharinga.com andy at sharinga.com
Tue Feb 13 02:01:09 CST 2001

> Naah.  I'm in the midst of organising dinner this Saturday at Lazar's
> (a *good* (but expensive) steakhouse) for asr and bofh.* at the moment
> though.  Zebee's coming down for the weekend.  

You realise that Lazar's is no more, it's being redeveloped at the mo.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


> I'm going to book the restaurant for 7pm Saturday 17th Feb 2001.  Oh,
> and asrmel seems to have gone boom temporarily ('cos amoeba.cugc.org
> went boom), so organisation is *not* happening on there... it's
> happening in bofh.bofhbof ...
> If anyone's interested, drop me an email, and let me know...  ASR and
> bofh.* is sorta off-topic for this list, but I figure there's probably
> some crossover. :)
> Ook,
>   Thorf
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