[LA.pm] MJD and Red Flags 2006

Christopher Nielsen christopher.nielsen at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 11:19:55 PST 2005


This announcement caught my eye, and I thought I would pass it along. 
Apparently, the author of Higher Order Perl, and an outspoken member
in the Perl community, Mark Jason Dominus, is putting together a
speaking schedule for 2006.

I really enjoyed his book, and I've heard from people in ny.pm and
phila.pm that Mark's talks are pretty engaging and fun.  I wonder what
people think about inviting MJD out here to speak?

Or how he feels about being enticed away from his native PA for the
palm tree shaded sunshine of Los Angeles sometime this winter maybe :)

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From: Mark Dominus <mjd-lists-nypm+ at plover.com>
Date: Dec 13, 2005 5:23 PM
Subject: Please help me with my new book!
To: ny at lists.pm.org

Dear New York Perl Mongers,

I'm writing a new book, which I hope will be published in 2007.   It's
about code review and refactoring in Perl.  (For more complete
information, please see http://perl.plover.com/flagbook/ .)

To do this right, I need real examples of real code that other people
wrote.  I'll review the code and fix it up, and explain in the book
what I did and why.

I have about half the examples that I need.  I hope that the Perl
community can provide the other half.

For the next year, I'll be travelling around speaking to Perl Mongers
groups about this.  I'd like to give about one talk each month for the
rest of the year.

What I hope will happen is that a group will invite me to come speak,
and that some of the group members will send me some example code
ahead of time.  Then I'll read over the code, write up a talk about
how I think it could be improved, and come visit the group and give
the talk.  After I go home again, I'l' write up a book chapter about
the code, incorporating the points that the PM group raised when I
gave the talk.

(Of course, you can also send code even if you're not part of a Perl
Mongers group or if I can't visit your group.  The more contributions,
the better.)

Guidelines for code contributions are at


To contribute, send code to:

        mjd at plover.com

Questions?   Send them to:

        mjd at plover.com

Want to invite me to speak to your group?  Invitations to:

        mjd at plover.com

You get the picture.


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