Next meeting set! for Oct 13th

Samy Kamkar [CommPort5] CommPort5 at
Fri Sep 21 21:07:34 CDT 2001

Meeting set for 10.13.2001 : Saturday, October 13th

Address: The Blur, 1118 Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice (90291-3314)
Big thanks to Duane for hosting the meeting!

Time: 5 PM on Saturday, October 13th

Discussion: Bryan will be giving an introduction on the Inline and
Inline::C modules and how to wrap existing C functions with Inline.
James will be discussing using Oracle or mySQL with perl.
Duane will also give us a demo on the 3D effects that The Blur does (not
perl related but definately interesting :)
Scott will be speaking on "Practical Perl for System Administrators:
A brief overview of Perl scripts I have used to solve annoying and
potentially time-consuming problems as a system and network
administrator in the past few years. Focus on automation and quick
solutions, rather than necessarily on proper programming practice or
software architecture."

Maps/More info: Check for maps and directions.
If you have any other questions just email me or the list...
Hope to see all of you there (and we'll catch you next time, Robert ;) 

Samy Kamkar -- (877) 898-1424 -- CommPort5 at /

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