Day of Terror

James Pitts jamespitts at
Fri Sep 14 11:08:39 CDT 2001

It has been a really bad week for the people at my
work - our parent company lost a lot of people. I was
unable to get much programming done this week, even
though I only talked with some of these people over
the phone. I ended up writing this page scraper that
got the dollar figure from the donation
page. When our site gets back online we'll hopefully
get some HSX traders to donate to the Red Cross.

Call it therapeutic perl.

- James

--- "Samy Kamkar [CommPort5]" <CommPort5 at>
> I just want to say how sorry I feel about the day of
> terror.
> I hope no one here knew anyone in the
> WTC/airplanes/Pentagon at the time
> as I already know someone who had family killed.
> Let's hope for only the best out of this tragedy,
> better and maintained
> air security, find who's involved, etc..
> -Samy

Terrorist Attacks on U.S. - How can you help?
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