LPM: Module question

David Hempy hempy at ket.org
Tue Jan 25 14:13:41 CST 2000

I've got three or four .pl programs for our Press Room application that
have some subroutines duplicated in each.  I'd like to pull them out into a
single module.

These routines are not the kind of global routines that will be accessed by
other programs installed on the system...they only relate to this handful
of programs related for the Press Room.  

As such, I don't really want to save the .pm file over in perl/site/lib,
far from the only code that actually uses it.  I tried saving it alongside
the .pl programs in my cgi-bin directory use-ing it from there.  Works from
the command line, but I get a server error via CGI.  I suspect this is some
kind of PATH problem.

Any insight?  Can I specify a relative path to a module?


ps.  As an aside...when I get a Server Error, I expect I've got a syntax
error (and hence no Content-type), so I just run `perl -c myprog.pl` from
the command line and fix the problem.  Today was the first time I've gotten
a Server Error in the browser, but none from the command line.  I can run
the whole program w/o errors at the console.  Is this a PATH issue?  Any
idea how I can actually see the error?

David Hempy
Internet Database Administrator
Kentucky Educational Television

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