LPM: Feb meeting

Rich Bowen rbowen at rcbowen.com
Sat Jan 22 08:55:01 CST 2000

Mike Andrews wrote:
> I think I'm one of the people that accidently brought up your dislike of
> CGI.pm in the first place.  At the time I was looking for an alternative
> to cgi-lib.pl, which sucks badly in a number of ways.  All I really wanted
> was an easy way to suck all the form variables into a hash...  and CGI.pm
> was really overkill for just that.
> What I ended up finding was something called CGI_Lite....
> use CGI_Lite;
> my $cgi = new CGI_Lite;
> my %formvars = $cgi->parse_form_data;

Yes, I use CGI_Lite as well.

> and that pretty much does everything I need.  The rest I do by hand by
> just printing raw HTML (and the Content-Type header).

I print all my HTML using Text::Template, since one of my main
complaints with CGI.pm is that the 'customer' can't modify the output
without getting into your Perl code.

> I don't even know what else CGI_Lite is capable of aside from that, but I
> could dig that up in time for the meeting I'm sure. :)

It does other cool stuff like file upload and cookies, but that's about
all. Hence the 'Lite'

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