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Frank Price fprice at mis.net
Tue Aug 15 17:15:55 CDT 2000

Hi LexPM,

I'm trying to use Getopt::Std and it isn't working as I'd like.
Thought I'd post here before digging deeper :-)

I want to use an option, -s, which takes an optional argument.  If the
argument is given, I want to use that argument.  If just the option is
given, I want to use a default value.  If the option isn't given, I
don't want to use any value at all.  For example, you could say '-s
100', '-s', or omit it entirely.

Here's what I thought would work.  It doesn't though: if I don't
specify the argument, $opt{'s'} is set to zero.

  use Getopt::Std;

  getopts('s:', \%opt);
  my $sleep = 0;

  if ($opt{'s'}) {
      print "opt_s = $opt{'s'}\n";
	  $sleep = ($opt{'s'} == 1) ? 3600 : $opt{'s'};

  print "sleep = $sleep\n";

I think Getopt::Long will really do optional numeric args like I want
-- anyone know if I can do this with Std options?


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