LPM: Meeting summary

Rich Bowen rbowen at rcbowen.com
Tue Aug 15 09:28:19 CDT 2000

We had a really good meeting last night. Here's what we talked about.

Frank told us about Term::ReadLine, which does (amoung other things) tab
line-completion, a la bash. Very cool.

Matt and I talked about Date::Discordian, a wonderful new module for
calculating dates in everyone's favorite imaginary calendar. Now
available at a CPAN near you.

We ate chicken wings. Some were rather hot. Some of us are still

There were two guys there from the UK LUG, which was very nice. We
talked briefly about how we might do something cool like a joint
mini-conference on a variety of OSS topics. This is something that had
been discussed before - a mini Perl conference. I think that expanding
it to Linux, Apache, and perhaps some other technologies, would expand
our potential audience, and increase our chances that it would not be a
complete failure. More on this as we have a chance to discuss it more.

We talked briefly about Perlix and PPT, which were mentioned in the
latest Perl Journal. They were discussed in the context of being really
cool projects to get involved in, if one was interested in learning more
about Perl. And the Perl shell could perhaps be added to this list.
Perlix is ftp://othersideofthe.earth.li/pub/perl  PPT is
http://language.perl.com/ppt  Perl Shell is

Did I miss anything?

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