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James Carman developer at peelle.org
Fri Aug 22 13:31:25 PDT 2008

I see the marketing angle, but I don't know how much impact Josh McAdams(PR guy for perl foundation) , or any other PR guy has. I think that the community, and coworkers/peers are the ones that drive a lot of the activity.

We had a hot shot join up with us trying to change the world to fit his perspective. First thing he did was tell us how horrible Perl was, and proceeded to try and sell his language. He has been with us for about 9 months now, and I can say that every one of his friends I have met all think Perl is terrible. None of them have used Perl, but they trust his opinion.
I go to Columbia college(not the famous one) part time. I have one professor that shows Python off. He makes stuff in with pygame, and does short hand code in class with it. Many students who see him using it will try python. I have done the same thing with Perl. I write prototypes, and any project I can in Perl. Partly to show it of, and partly because it is a great tool to use.

James J. Carman

>I've been reading a lot of language debates recently and I find it
>interesting that more and more often I read how certain languages are
>being or not being marketed well. Is this just my perception or are
>other people seeing this too?
>On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 6:29 AM, Emmanuel Mejias
><emmanuel.mejias at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Interesting article I came across on Slashdot. Sorry if this is not
>> appropriate for the mailing list, but I just wanted to get some thoughts on
>> this since it's not the first time I've read or heard someone say this.
>> Last week I was in Copenhagen for YAPC::Europe. One of the announcements at
>> the conference was the location of next year's conference which will be in
>> Lisbon. The theme of next year's conference will be "Corporate Perl". And
>> that (along with a couple of conversations last night) got me thinking 
>> a talk that I'll submit to next year's conference which might well be
>> entitled "Why Corporates Hate Perl".
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>> What do you mongers think?
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