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Subject: actors needed for fight film (filmed locally)

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To all interested in being in "Rigged":

Thanks to everyone for your interest in this film. We are looking for
extras to be involved in the making of an underground boxing film,
think "Million Dollar Baby" meets "Fight Club." This is your chance to
be a part of a major motion picture being shot here in KC!

Here's the schedule for all four days:

Date: Saturday July 15th
Location: underneath the 7th street bridge between Southwest Blvd and
I-35 in Kansas City, KS (RSVP for directions)
Parking: on location, but dirt roads or off-road
Time: 08:30 PM
The Scene: Underground boxing match between "Henry the Hacksaw" and a
female boxer, "Kid Vixen" (our hero)
 Wardrobe: Dress rough and tough. Dark clothes and leather are great,
but t-shirts and jeans can work as well. No logos.

Date: Thursday July 20h AND Friday July 21st
Location: Clarion Hotel
9103 E. 39th Street
Kansas City, MO, 64133
Parking: on location
Time: 06:00 PM
The Scene: The FINAL BATTLE between our hero, "Kid Vixen", and the
villain "Richter" ... an epic boxing match
Wardrobe: Dress can be casual, or classy and upscale ... this is a
legal boxing match this time. Dark clothes are great, but suits and
ties work as well. No logos.
Also: G-Love from the band G-Love & Special Sauce will be appearing in
the scene Friday night!

Date: Saturday July 22nd
Location: parking lot at intersection of 11th St and Mulberry
in the West Bottoms in Kansas City, MO
Parking: on location
Time: 08:30 PM
 The Scene: An illegal street race
Wardrobe: Dress rough and tough. Dark clothes and leather are great,
but t-shirts and jeans can work as well. No logos.

If you can only come one of the four nights, please come Friday the
21st ... this is the biggest scene in the movie.

I'll try to answer all other questions here:

- What will extras be doing? -- Each of these scenes takes place at an
illegal boxing match (or street race). Extras are playing attendees at
these events. They need to be excitedly watching the events in
question. Energy is the most important thing.
- Can under 18 attend? -- We're looking for crowd members attending
underground boxing matches, which means children are unfortunately
out. Teenagers that look older are welcome, however. Parents, keep in
mind that this is an R-rated film with adult language, themes, and
- Is there any pay? -- "Rigged" is an independent film, and much of
the cast and crew on "Rigged" are working on a volunteer basis. Extras
are as well.
- Can I bring friends? -- Absolutely!!! We need all the help we can
get to make these scenes as exciting as possible. Tell everyone you
- What if Im late? No problem! Any time you have to make it is much

If you are available any of these days, please write
RiggedExtras at yahoo.com with RSVP and the date(s) in the subject line
or message. And feel free to write back with any questions not covered
here, or call at 785-979-3789.

- Stephen Deaver
UPM, "Rigged"

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