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JYOUNG79 at kc.rr.com JYOUNG79 at kc.rr.com
Tue Jul 18 12:40:33 PDT 2006

Stephen Clouse wrote:
>> Others will tell you that Perl is a write-only language. I.e., what 
>> programmer writes, no one else will be able to decipher. And 
>> form of this is the complaint by some that Perl isn't appropriate 
>> large projects involving many developers. This is a fall out of 
> Such accusations are vile and odious lies of the bourgeoisie.  Be not
> swayed by the Party line.

You guys are Awesome!!  :-)

Hey, thanks so much for the detailed emails.  I really appreciate you 
not only sharing your thoughts but also telling me how Perl is used in 
todays world.

I'll definitely look into those books, websites and lists you shared.

I'll be interested to know where you all decide to start meeting in the 
future.  I was at one of your meetings a few years back at Planet Sub.  
I thought everyone was extremely nice and helpful.  My only problem was 
I had a hard time keeping up with the conversation just because of my 
lack of Perl knowledge.
  I mainly program in AppleScript, JavaScript (for Adobe apps) and VBA 
(for Excel) on the Mac.  We have a little bit of Perl code (written by 
an outside programmer) in our department that edits PostScript files 
but I never have to work with it since it runs so smoothly.  I have 
also taken a C++ class but found that language incredibly difficult to 
grasp.  I'm hoping to someday have a better understanding of Perl.  It 
sounds so incredibly useful as well as powerful.

Again, I appreciate your responses and hope to hear more responses from 
others about what they think of Perl and how they use it.  I'll also 
try to get to a future meeting with you all.

Thanks again!


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